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DC TV Update: Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Future DC Shows

DV TV Update


The Flash, Arrow, and the CW

Last Tuesday, Simon Stagg (William Sadler), a minor character in the Batman Universe, was a key player in The Flash‘s second episode. The villain Barry Allen goes up against, Multiplex (Michael Smith), is trying to kill Stagg, owner of Stagg Industries. Stagg Industries has previously been mentioned on Arrow, but this week’s episode was his first appearance on either show. However, it is not likely he will be making another appearance in the DC TV Universe.


The Flash will also feature a Batman villain this season. William Tockman (AKA the Clock King) will return to television this fall, after appearing in the second season of Arrow. He is expected to appear in the seventh episode of The Flash.


Furthermore, there is plenty of speculation that Wally West will join the cast of The Flash eventually.


Last week’s episode of Arrow featured a new side of Dinah Laurel Lance. Following the death of her sister Sarah (most likely at the hands of someone connected to the League of Assassins), she was eager to step out into the field and track down her sister’s killer. One scene included her staring at her sister’s iconic black leather jacket.


Early Easter Eggs for these two shows include the introduction of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) who will take on the mantle of the Atom, a brief introduction to boxer and super hero trainer Ted “Wildcat” Grant (J.R. Ramirez), villain Komodo (Matt Ward) mentioning he was in Blüdhaven, Felicity Smoak comparing Sarah Lance to an Amazonian Warrior (not the Amazonian Warrior, though) and several not-so-subtle nods to the League of Assassins.


The CW is also looking to develop a third superhero show on their network. It will not be the Supergirl show, however. CBS has already jumped on that project. Nor will it feature Dick Grayson/Nightwing as was once rumored. The Nightwing character will be the focal character on TNT’s Titans. There have been rumors for awhile that the CW has been working on a show based on the 1940s DC Comics character Hourman. The aforementioned Clock King was introduced last season as an employee of Kord Industries. According to the season one of Arrow episode “The Undertaking”, the CEO of Kord Industries is Ted Kord. This leads to the speculation that Blue Beatle could be making his easy on to television, potentially as the CW’s third show.



With the multitude of already introduced Batman characters on Gotham and the announced inclusions of Harvey Dent and Victor Zsasz, it is expected that there will be an Easter Egg featuring Tommy Elliot, the man who becomes Hush, and that Leslie Tompkins will be introduced. This news comes from director and producer Danny Cannon and Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred. Cannon also stated that, as far as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, “We’ll get there.” Based on that statement, one can assume that the future-Harley-Quinn will be arriving on Gotham eventually, but most likely not anytime soon.


However, despite the oddly familiar green Q appearing in the Gotham skyline, there are no plans for a crossover between Gotham and Arrow. The inclusion of the neon letter was supposedly “unintentional.”


Non-Superhero Projects

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, David S. Goyer raised the possibility of bringing Zatanna to his upcoming show Constantine. Zatanna has been featured in many incarnations of Batman both in comics and in animated shows. Zatanna has been a romantic interest for Constantine and a close friend of Bruce Wayne.


Lastly, FOX has ordered a pilot for a show based on DC Vertigo’s Lucifer.

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