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DCU Spotlight: All-Star Western's Creators Talk Haly's Circus

It is no secret that All-Star Western deals with elements of The Batman Universe in almost every issue. In fact one of the main characters of the series is Amadeus Arkham. Newsarama talked with writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray about what new elements will be discovered in All-Star Western in the coming months relating to The Batman Universe.


All-Star Western #13Newsarama: During the first year of All-Star Western, you guys laid the foundation in your "history"- based story for a lot of the concepts being explored in present-day Gotham City. Will that continue going forward?


Justin Gray: We look at it on situational basis. The connection to modern Gotham isn’t the driving force behind All-Star so much as Gotham presents a broader storytelling landscape. With the "Court of Owls," it just made sense within the mythology that Scott set up. We’re looking to reach a bigger audience and convince people that if given a chance, they can like Westerns.


Jimmy Palmiotti: Gotham is thought of as a character in the book as well, and we have been having a blast incorporating its history into the book. We'll continue to do so as long as we can keep it interesting and keep world-building in the process. We're in constant contact with the other offices and always bouncing ideas back and forth.


Newsarama: In issue #0, you set-up the upcoming storyline, with Dr. Jekyll's serum being stolen, then Haly's Circus coming to town with negative intentions. What kind of scenes and style can we expect as you continue this thread toward certain aggression problems in town?


Justin Gray: We’re having fun with every issue and winking at the history of Gotham and fan expectations. We’ve got a homicidal circus clown, man-eating tigers and Shaw Bros. kung fu coming up in the main story that also incorporates Dr. Jekyll, a black diamond and Arkham losing his marbles.


Jimmy Palmiotti: Expect the unexpected.


For the entire interview, including more talk on how the series intertwines with the DC Universe, head over to Newsarama. All-Star Western #13 is in stores next week.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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