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DCU Spotlight: Justice League for 2015?

Justice League


According to The Los Angeles Times, Justice League could be coming to a theater near you as early as 2015. The report states that because of the recent court room win for Warner Bros. in the case dealing with the heirs of the Superman empire, Warner plans on accelerating the production of the film.


A 2015 release is possible at this time and would put the film up against the second Avengers film. Warner Bros. would be working the exact opposite route as Marvel has done with their characters releasing the team film first and then the independent hero films.


It has already been announced that Warner Bros. had hired a writer to create a script for the Justice League film. A director and cast still need to be brought on board for filming to begin next year.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Joe Jinks

    There have been so many rumours surrounding this "film" that I never know what to believe. Last I heard, Ben Affleck was interested in directing it but I don't know if there's even an ounce of truth in that.
    I think the approach WB is going to take is an interesting one; I'm sure the main reason they're doing it is to have some faux originality, i.e. not directly ripping off Marvel, but at the same time, it could work out for the best. With the Justice League meeting for the first time at the same time we (the audience) are seeing them on screen, there is a chance for the audience to learn about the characters through the characters on screen. What I mean by that is, if you don't know who The Flash is, he can introduce himself to Green Lantern and then we'll know, or better yet, and this would be more subtle, we learn who the characters are through Batman's eyes. It would make sense for Batman to be doing research on these other characters; finding their true identities and their weaknesses, if throughout the film there was an internal narration of Batman, commenting on Wonder Woman or Cyborg (I assume they'd follow the most recent comic continuity) then we'd learn a lot about those characters without needing to see origin stories before hand.
    Also, carrying on from my last point, the solo films could be made according to audience's reactions. If the audience loved Wonder Woman in the Justice League film but didn't understand where she came from, her solo film could focus on her life in Themyscira.
    I think one of the most difficult aspects of the film, especially now, will be dissasociating Batman from the Nolan series but I believe that if he takes on this detective role, it would make sense and fans would be able to move on from the Dark Knight trilogy. What would really work is if Batman didn't start the League but was still the leader/strategist as he is the most intelligent and has the most experience; they could point out that Batman has been a hero longer than any of the other heroes were around. Also, the fact that he didn't start the league would explain why he feels the need to research them all throughout the film, otherwise you'd question why he didn't do it before hand.