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DCU Spotlight: TBU Characters Coming to Arrow

If you have been reading comics or watching TV, you have probably have heard that there is a new series on the CW based off Green Arrow. The show, Arrow, has had a couple of episodes so far and has had tons of references to not only the DC Universe, but The Batman Universe as well. There is a couple of references to The Batman Universe coming up in the next couple of episodes that they have already revealed.


First up, next week's episode will feature Deadshot as the main villain.


Arrow's Deadshot


Today, IGN revealed that Deathstroke will be appearing in the fifth episode. Deathstroke was hinted at in the first episode, but by the looks of the image released, he is definitely around despite his mask on a stake.


Arrow's Deathstroke


It has also been revealed that Huntress will be appearing in the first set of episodes. Earlier this week, it was also announced that Firefly will be appearing in the series as well.


So despite being a Green Arrow show, this show is going to have ties to The Batman Universe. I'm hoping to do a recap of the episodes once a week showcasing some of the Easter eggs and references to The Batman Universe in each episode. So look forward to that and check your local listings to see when the episodes air in your area.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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