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DCU Spotlight: Man of Steel Live Event Recap

Man of Steel 2


The Man of Steel live event happened earlier today, and while many were expecting to hear some news about the future of the film series, there was very little revealed. Warner Bros. has provided the highlights of the event below.




While there was high hopes for some news related to Man of Steel 2, it seems that the opportunity was dropped in some way. Yahoo Movies, who were the ones behind hosting the event, were also the ones who were most likely fielding the questions with approval from Warner Bros. One of the last questions that was asked, dealt with whether or not the film would return to film in Plano, IL, where the first film filmed the majority of scenes related to Smallville. Instead of giving a small confirmation on a very small reveal or to just answer no, Snyder was coy and insisted that he could not reveal anything.


Then comes the art that Kevin Smith hyped up earlier in the week that would be shown. It was art featuring Batman and Superman, but as Snyder pointed out had nothing necessarily to do with the story of the second film.


The question that has to be asked is, if this was to promote the Man of Steel franchise, why was nothing mentioned about the second film? While understandingly, the majority of the event was about the upcoming release of the film on Blu-ray and DVD, there should have been at least something revealed during the event. It was free advertising for Warner Bros. Something should have been revealed even if it was a small confirmation that the Smallville scenes would be filmed in Plano, IL.


With all of the rumors floating around the internet about casting other characters for the entire week leading up to the event, a ball seems to have been dropped and now the questions seems to be when will we hear news at all?


Man of Steel will release this Tuesday, November 12 on Blu-ray, DVD and on download. Man of Steel 2 hits theaters July, 15, 2015.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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