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DCU Spotlight: Review: Suicide Squad #25

Suicide Squad #25This issue picks up were issue 24 left off, with a team of the "Reverse Suicide Squad" has been sent to stop the Suicide Squad. This Reverse team is made up of Power Girl, Warrant, Soldier, and Steel. During a standoff, the Reverse team claims to have been sent by Amanda Waller. After talking it out, they all come to the conclusion that The Wall who approached the Reverse team was a phony, and that it is actually a super-smart man called the Thinker, who is working with the Crime Syndicate. Harley is the only one who knows what's truly going on, and ditches the team (along with O.M.A.C.) to work with the Thinker. She activates O.M.A.C., he destroys the facility the teams were in, and they leave.


Meanwhile, James Gordon Jr. meets up with Waller, and she is trying to find a way to stop the Thinker, who has placed a bomb-collar around her neck. She, and James go down to a Level 7 to find a weapon to use against Thinker. James learns that since Waller has been there, they have had multiple Suicide Squads, the current team being Task Force X. James protects Waller, as she makes her way to Project Y, from King Shark, who has agreed to kill Waller for Thinker in exchange for information on his father. As Waller opens the door, we see Kane as he announces himself as a god, and not a forgiving one, as he seems to have a beef with Amanda Waller.


Matt Kindt's second issue of the Suicide Squad is very, very wordy. Tons on dialogue and inner monologue. There were times where I felt he either could have wrapped it up sooner, or let the art do the talking for him. We are learning about Amanda Waller, and the different agencies she has her hands in, and I enjoy that. I hope in the coming issues we get to focus on Harley and/or Deadshot more, as those are the characters I am most interested in.


Suicide Squad #25: 


3 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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  1. Corbin

    As a side note… I think the god's name is pronounced Kähn-ā, as opposed to Kān, as he looks more like a tribal god. I'm thinking this is a revamp of a character forum the Wonder Woman series, but I can't confirm that. 


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