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DCU Spotlight: DC All Access Gets 2nd Season


Initially DC Entertainment's webseries, DC All Access, received only twelve episodes hosted by Blair Herter (former G4 Attack of the Show) and Tiffany Smith for its first season on Youtube. The webseries was launced quietly in October 2013 to give DC fans a behind-the-scenes look into DC Comics. The fans have shown support for for the series with increasing viewership and as reported by Variety, the show is now greenlit for a second season with twenty-four episodes.


The whole purpose of the show is to promote and control the message of how DC wants to present their characters. According to Jason James (Vice President of Interactive Marketing at DC Entertainment) and Diane Nelson (President of DC Entertainment) who stated that the show needed to aim from a fanboy's perspective, see more below:


James: "We wanted to make fans aware of stuff we think is cool as fans. It’s how I learned to read. The key is to talk like a fan. Fans can smell authenticity. YouTube leveled the playing field. What you do has to come from a genuine place. And if you call it ‘All Access’ you have to give them all access or people will call you out on it.


Nelson: "Our fans have proven to be the most passionate and engaged audience among all areas of pop culture. ‘DC All Access’ is an opportunity for those fans to get to know DC Entertainment and its amazing employees, characters and stories in an even more personal and accessible way."


DC All Access is currently at episode eight of its first season, you can check out more of their episodes on DC Comics' Youtube


Posted by Kristina Collins

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