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DCU Spotlight: Review: Justice League #25

This issue of Justice League is very Bat-family focused. The first few pages focus on Earth 3 Gotham City 30 years ago. The night that the Wayne family walks down crime alley. Thomas Wayne is not a very skilled surgeon, and they rely on their insurance to take care of his patient's families because he makes too many mistakes. Martha blows all the family money, and tells Thomas what to do. Thomas Jr. (The oldest son) has made a plan with his brother, Bruce, to kill their parents. Bruce changes his mind, and doesn't want to kill them. So he tackles Thomas, seemingly ruining their plans, when Alfred shows up, and shoots everyone except for Thomas.


It now flashes back to the present day, on our earth, in Chicago, where several mobs have gathered, hoping to make a deal with the Crime Syndicate. Owlman shows up, and kills the majority of the guys there with a chemical acid, and takes two with him on a rooftop. He makes a deal with one of them, and kills the other.


Owlman makes his way back to the Syndicate's headquarters and has him cut the cameras off while he goes in to talk with Nightwing. We then see a contrast between this point in Dick's life to when his parents died, showing us where he is mentally at this time. Then, Owlman comes in, and begins talking to him. He lets him know that, in another world, he was the brother he always hoped for. After a quick tussle, Owlman tells Dick that he has lost everything, and that he doesn't want to destroy the world. He wants Dick to help him save it from the Syndicate. And Dick accepts.


Owlman tells us that his relationship with Dick on his world fell apart after he learned that Thomas Jr. had his parents killed. And said that he has a better, bigger plan to fix his family, as we see Superwoman waiting outside the door, smiling. To be continued in Forever Evil #4.


The way these Justice League books are tying into Forever Evil is done perfectly. The main story is done enough to feel like it was worth reading, but it leaves the meat of it to Forever Evil. What Justice League is doing, is giving us insight into the villains who are currently holding control, and that is just briliant. Doug Mahnke filled in on the art this issue. He isn't my favorite artist, but I felt like he did a great job. I don't know if it was because of Rob Reis' coloring, or what, but I felt like this was some of the best work I've ever seen from Mahnke. This was an awesome issue, and an amazing next chapter in the Forever Evil series, and I look forward to who's history we see next… Maybe Superwoman? 


Justice League #25:


5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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