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DCU Spotlight: Review: Suicide Squad #25

We begin hearing from Amanda Waller, telling us how Belle Reve prison was born, and how it progressed, becoming a more hig security prison. It seems as though they have decided to change King Shark's father's name from Kane (last issue) to Kamo (this issue). That bothered me throughout the issue, but we'll move on. Kamo wants to kill King Shark, because he feels threatened by his son.


Meanwhile, Barbara's "dead" brother, James Jr., makes his way onto the rooftop of the prison just as O.M.A.C. crashes through, and attacks James. He literally stabs her in the back, and puts an explosive collar on her, and she starts flirting with him. We then go back to Waller. As she lies to Kamo, telling him that if he fights, and defeats O.M.A.C., he will be able to go back to his island. Waller then explains to the reader how she came across Kamo. It was after Superman, and O.M.A.C. and they were feeling desperate. They came across this island with this beast, and took him. They then, took one of his children, King Shark, so that they could raise and control him.


Thinker now has O.M.A.C. and is transferring his mind into it so he will have a body powerful enough to match his brain. Then he comes across Waller, Gordon, Harley, Kamo, and King Shark, and is looking to hill them.


Underneath the rubble of the mountian, Deadshot wakes. To be continued…


Thoughout the issue, we see things from many different perspectives. We see Waller, Gordon, Thinker, and even a page for Deadshot. Kindt does a much better job sharing the spotlight than he did last issue. The characterization is done really well for majority of the characters. I actually prefer to know less about Amanda Waller than he is giving us, because I like the suspense of not knowing her intentions of whether they are pure or not. But maybe that is just me. Zircher's art is decent. I feel like the inking is holding it back, though. The inking is very thick, and that creates a lot of empty space. I'd prefer that there was more of a gradual shading into the inks.


The name change from Kane to Kamo did bother me. I'm not sure what the purpose of the change was, but I'll get over that. This story seems to be picking up, and I'm looking forward to what happens next. This issue was more enjoyable than the last.


Suicide Squad #26:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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