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DCU Spotlight: Review: Earth 2 #20

In this issue, we see how crazy Dr. Fate STILL is. How angry Batman is. Aquawoman teaches us the water cycle. And on top of all that, I learned what an Agoraphobic is. Even though this feels like a filler issue, Tom Taylor moves the story along at a well enough pace that you still enjoy reading this. We have a few different artists doing this, but I felt like they did a well enough job being cohesive, that it was actually kind of hard to notice. IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS SERIES… I don't even know what to say to you. Just… Do it.


As we left off from issue #19, Hawkgirl is escaping, carrying Batman, Aquawoman, and Agent Sato. The Parademons are in chase, and are gaining, when Aquawoman teaches us how the water cycle works, and turns the clouds surrounding them into water. Drowning the Parademons in mid-flight. Aquawoman wants to return to Atlantis, but before she does so, she gives Batman a magic conch to call her when they need it.


They meet at the Batcave, which Batman is not happy about. Dr. Fate is still speaking gibberish. Superman is destroying every place of worship in the world that isn't TO or FOR Darkseid. The newly discovered Kryptonian apparently has a fear of open spaces, and is afraid to go outside. He hides in the corner of the Batcave, in the fetal position, until Lois coaxes him to go outside, telling him that he can make a difference. Now this scene reminded me of when Martha was comforting Clark in the Man of Steel movie.


As I said, although not much action happens here, Taylor gives us enough to make us happy. But this focuses primarily on character developement, and does a great job in making us care about these characters, even though they aren't the same ones we usually read about.


Earth 2 #20:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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