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DCU Spotlight: Review: Earth 2 #22

Up to date, Earth 2 has been dragging out the hopelessness and horror of war. This one, for the most part, takes a break from that and gives us a moment to breathe. Which was a welcomed issue to take, because things have been getting pretty bleak.


We get to hang out with Jimmy as he breaks down Dr. Fate's prophecies. We get to see Val and Lois hang out, and he is gaining his powers, and tries to shave, but can't because his hair is invulnerable. I hope he takes full advantage of this, and straight up grows a beard. The question arises once again as to whether Clark is still inside Superman, or if there's no hope in him left.


Don't know if this is a great jumping on point, or not. So if you've been reading it, keep on, and if you haven't… Find a way to catch up. It's like the DC Universe where nothing is sacred, and no one holds back. 


Earth 2 #22:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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