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DCU Spotlight: Review: The New 52: Futures End #2

When this new series started, I wasn't sure I would like it. I liked the creative team, but the story sounded so crazy… But then there was Batman Beyond too… The problem I had last week, was that it was all over the place. It didn't have a cohesive story. But then it was issue one, and was setting things up. So I gave it a pass, and hoped things would get more focused soon. THIS issue did that. Green Arrow died on the last page of last issue. Boom… Oliver Queen, off the board. The art is by Jesus Merino & Dan Green, but had you told me Patrick Zircher was back, I would have believed you. It looks so similar. They really got the right feel to the art.


Spoilers ahead…


This issue, focused primarily on the funeral of Oliver. And that was awesome to sit back and see play out. We see how the city of Seattle really comes together after Ollie's death. They have the service in the middle of the city, and of course, since it's Seattle, it's raining. Remember, this is five years from now, so we see familiar faces, some who look different, and some new people entirely. Buddy Baker (Animal Man) talks about his relationship with Oliver. How they grew to be good friends, they adventures they had. The man Oliver was. It was done very well. We see, who I assume is Oliver's closest friends carry his casket to the car. That being Animal Man, Firestorm, Arsenal, Diggle, Adam Strange, and Flash. Arsenal blames Firestorm for Green Arrow's death, and Firestorm leaves.


Batman Beyond shows up in one page, but I enjoyed how Terry admits that he's not much of a detective, and that he's more of a soldier. Which is kinda what I always thought of him during the TV show.


There are a few pages of someone with powers who asks about Grifter, who I assume may be one of the aliens from issue #1.


We see a bartender throughout the funeral who is disgusted with the heroes, and the bar seems to be called 'The Wounded Duck'. Yes, this may be important, because…


Someone sends Lois Lane a package with a note saying "Go alone. Trust no one else." Along with a red arrow tip, and a card with the wounded duck on it.


This was a much more enjoyable, more focused read. It presented several more questions, and progressed the story along. And it has a few pages from Johns' & Romita's Superman, which was nice to get a glimpse of. I'm very much looking forward to next issue.


The New 52: Futures End #2:


4.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Posted by Corbin Dallas Pool

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