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DCU Spotlight: Review: The New 52: Futures End #6

This, is by far, my favorite issue of this series to date. By my count, it only has three stories, making it the most focused. Four if you count a certain page, but I say that ties in with another story, so three. So far, it has been set up, but this issue gets the whole thing rolling. Everyone's gearing into action, and it hits at some of the points brought up before, but has been left behind as of late, making me excited for what's to come. Patrick Zircher is back on art. He is my second favorite right now, behind Lopresti, and that's because his faces are kinda stiff. Now his work is still pretty darn good, I'm just reaching for something, here.


Spoilers ahead…


The low grade villains, Key, Coil, and Plastique are outside, discussing their plan to break into Teriffitech. Plastique is obviously not the brightest one in the group, and that's apparent to everyone. It sounds bad, but it was pretty funny. Terry is eaves dropping, and recognizes Plastique as the cyborg robot who attacked him in issue one. He hears them also planning to break into Teriffitech, and an alliance may be forming… Meanwhile, Mr. Terrific and his group of security guards connect the dots between Batman Beyond, and the homeless looking guy who's been outside Teriffitech the last few days.


We also see Frankenstein, Amethyst, and Dr. Ray Palmer get into his ship, which he calls Nan-Knight (awesome), which will shrink them, and try to shortcut to where Stormwatch was destroyed, by travelling through The Phantom Zone. A bolt of energy shorts out the power in the Nan-Knight, and they grow to normal size. Amethyst and Frankenstein get out, and fight off these villains, when they retreat, and Black Adam appears… Uh-oh.


And finally, Ronnie Raymond is drinking his troubles away at the Wounded Duck, and begins to hit on Tim's woman, and employee, Madison (Tim is also going by the name of Cal Corcoran). Ronnie doesn't cooperate, and 'Cal' kicks his butt easily, and shows him the door. Lois then confronts Tim about his past in front of Madison, and he escorts her to the door too… King Faraday begins to follow Lois, but is stopped by 'Biker Superman' (yes, that's what I'm calling him), who tells Faraday that Lois is off limits, and they go their separate ways.


This is getting interesting…


The New 52: Futures End #6:


4.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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