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DCU Spotlight: Review: Justice League #32

Since Forever Evil, Geoff Johns has been having fun playing with all the various parts from across the DCU. Building a bigger world. Here, he continues that trend, by introducing a brand new team to the New 52 universe. And it was alright, but I’m not sold on these people as characters. I know next to nothing about them.


Johns did something similar a few issues back with the Metal Men and here he does it with the Doom Patrol. I don’t mind if they get some screen time. If they want to do a story, then put them in an annual, a one-shot, or give them their own series. But don’t short us out on the guys we wanted to see and got this specific book for. And don’t label the book as one thing on the cover, & never touch on that in the book. That’s annoying.


Johns did do a good job giving you a basic feel for what the characters can do. But there wasn’t much else established. I feel little for these characters. Maybe that will change later on, but right now, I just wouldn’t care if one of them were to be killed off.


Doug Mahnke is still doing the art on this book, but I’m pretty sure he has a different crew helping him out, because it looks slightly different. I’m not Mahnke’s biggest fan, in fact, I don’t think he as great as he is made out to be. But his work here is pretty solid. Again, I don’t want to bash a guy’s work, especially when he’s not doing anything wrong. I just prefer the more stylized art, myself. I said last week, I’d like to see a Patrick Gleason, Jason Fabok, or someone with a unique style do some Justice League for awhile.


Spoilers ahead…


We start off in the maximum security prison that is holding Superwoman, as she sings a lullaby to her unborn baby. Kinda creepy.


At Lexcorp, Captain Cold finally gets to Luthor’s office. Lex offers him a job, but doesn’t say what it is, although I’m sure we all know at this point. But it does seem like Lex is up to something in taking Cold’s blood. Is he going to experiment with it, or possibly try to reactivate the cold powers Cold once had and use on himself?… I don’t know.


We jump back a week to see Dr. Caulder (or Chief, as he likes to be called) who has a Element Woman inside a air sealed container for her safety. She has been reduced to a gaseous state and he is trying to help her. He introduces her to his team of misfits, who he has also “saved” and the thought this issue will continually hold that over their head. He also continues to convince Element Woman that the Justice League don’t need her and don’t care about her. Here, we meet Cliff Steele (Robotman) a metal/robot man, Capt. Larry Trainor (Negative Man) wrapped in bandages and Rita Starr (Elasti-Girl) who has to always have a creepy smile on her face so she doesn’t literally fall apart.


Present… They are fighting Jessica Cruz, the new Power Ring, who has no control at all. Chief tries to kill her, but Element Woman saves her. The team becomes conflicted, because they have always trusted Chief, but they agree with Element Woman. Power Ring sets fire to the surrounding buildings and the Justice League show up to save the people inside. (Note: this Justice League has Shazam, Superman, & Flash, but lacks Lex Luthor & Captain Cold.)


Shazam and Cyborg team up to take on Power Ring, but the ring accesses Cyborg’s hard drive and gives him a glimpse of Jessica’s backstory as well as what is to come for Earth. Chief calls for his team to hold off the Justice League while he attempts to take the ring off her hand, when suddenly Lex Luthor has a beam ready to discharge right through his spine. Will Lex save the day again?


While nothing in this story seems flawed, it’s not a particular ‘must read’.


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  • - 70%
  • Total Score 70%

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