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DCU Spotlight: Fialkov on Batman in I, Vampire

I, Vampire #5Joshua Hale Fialkov is not a stranger to The Batman Universe, especially since he wrote the final story arc for Superman/Batman and it equally focusing on both Superman and Batman. Enter the New 52 and Fialkov has a new title called I, Vampire. Vampires and Batman have some history and it was only a matter of time until the vampires of the DC Universe run into Batman.


Issue five of I, Vampire has been solicited as the following:


The war of the vampires comes to Batman's doorstep! The Queen of Blood has deadly plans for the citizens of Gotham City, but before Andrew can stop her, he must face The Dark Knight!


So how does this happen? Joshua Hale Fialkov taled with Newsarama about his series and there was a question posed regarding Batman's future appearance.


Newsarama: This book has a dark edge to it, so Constantine seems to fit. Was that the same reasoning for the book's first major superhero being Batman? That he has a dark edge to him? Or is there more of a story reason for his appearance?


Joshua Hale Fialkov: Look, any opportunity DC gives me to write Batman I'm going to take it. I can't let [Batman writer] Snyder have all the fun, you know? But, beyond that, I think we have to address what the capes think about the vampires, and, Batman, as such an insular secretive character felt like the best way to do that.


For the entire interview, head over to Newsarama. I, Vampire #5 hits stores in January.

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