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DCU Spotlight: Review: Deathstroke #3

Deathstroke #3Before I kick off my debut review for The Batman Universe with Deathstroke #3, I'd like everyone who is interested in catching up on the events of Deathstroke #1-2 to check out a quick review I posted on the site's forums under the DC Universe comics section.  Okay onto the review.


The issue begins with Deathstroke fighting in a midair and rooftop battle with a purple and green masked warrior.  While this is going on we hear an inner monologue from Deathstroke.  He talks about the fact he is a true warrior and what he feels makes him not only a true warrior in the spirit of knights and samurai, but the greatest warrior of them all. Deathstroke impales his opponent with with his sword killing him before continuing his inner monologue now about how money not only drives people in the real world but also the fact the amount of money people are willing to pay someone speaks for their worth.


We then cut to Slade doing some combat training with a robot while Christoph looks on.  The two carry on a conversation about the events from the beggining of the book.  Christoph is concerned that Slade's public battle from issue two and his message to everyone not to cross him, screened on worldwide television is what is bringing on these paid assassins trying to take Slade out.  Slade blows it off calling the would be assassin an amateur.  Slade complains that the robot just won't fall apart when Peabody, Slades weapons designer interupts stating he expects them to last before kicking the head of the robot off.  After a one panel quip by Peabody about not being used on the plane job from issue one and Slade blaming Christoph, Christoph slides out leaving Slade and Peabody to talk.  Slade pulls out the mystery briefcase from issues one and two showing Peabody the contents (again leaving the reader to guess its contents).  Slade thinks, as Peabody is his weapons designer, he may have a clue about the authenticity.  Peabody agrees to look into it and the two discuss Slades next job; a philanthropist named Elmer Burnham.  The conversation ends with a joke about if Slade was going to go in quietly and covertly.  


We cut to somewhere in Colorado where Deathstroke is on a massive single wheeled cross between a snow mobile and a motor bike and he is beheading guards left and right.  He crashes into the fortress they were protecting killing everyone inside making his way to Elmer Burnham.  Before Deathstroke can reach Burnham he is cut off by another purple and green masked warrior, this one alot larger and with a spiked shoulder pad and massive right hand glove.  The two battle as Elmer watches on and a voice speaks to him off panel.  Elmer asked who the mystery person is and he is told "I am no one" as Elmer looks terrified.  We cut back to the fight and this time the purple and green warrior is giving Deathstroke a hard time getting a few shots and pinning Deathstroke to the wall preparing to finish him off before Deathstroke pulls what can only be described as a steel boomerang and cuts the head off.


We then cut to a briefing room where Slade, Christoph and Peabody discuss what happend while the helmet of the fallen warrior on the desk in front of them.  It's revealed that Elmer was brutally killed including a left eye gouging.  Slade makes comments about the fact he wanted to kill Elmer himself not only for money but for pride and self respect.  Slade and Peabody leave discussing that it seems Slades methods of going in guns blazing may be the reason these purple and green warriors continue to come after him.  Slade dosn't care saying that perception is everything and he is who he is because of how he handles himself.


We then go to a mansion where a couple are meeting with a large bald guy in a suit.  They are interviewing him for a job and it is revealed that this man is a metahuman like Slade.  The man asked why they are asking him this and it turns out they want revenge for their dead daughter.  They offer to pay him twenty million dollars for the head of Deathstroke.  Lifetime contract which they state means either he kills Deathstroke or dies trying.  The man agrees.  The couple offer one condition, the assassin must wear a piece of their equipment, and they hand him a box with a green and purple helmet, the exact same as the two would be assassins from earlier.


Another strong issue from Kyle Higgins, Joe Bennett and Art Thibert.  The story was strong building on what was laid down in the last two issues.  I still enjoy that all has not been revealed with the mystery of the brief case just yet.  But if they don't reveal it in the next two issues or so I'll be starting to get frustrated.  The twist at the end that a rich couple have been hiring the green and purple assassins to either kill Deathstroke or be killed by him and their motive was interesting.  I have an idea this is going to tie back to the end of the first issue, but we'll see how that plays out.  The art once again was very well done and we got some very well drawn fight scenes especially the last fight between Deathstroke and masked assassin #2.  This is an action packed book with plenty of blood and gore with an interesting and well played out story revealing a little bit more with each issue.  Highly recommend it.


Deathstroke #3:


5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by David Cook

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