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DCU Spotlight: Harley Quinn's New Origin Revealed in Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn may have be absent from the main line of TBU books, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a presence in the DC Universe. Quinn has been a main character in Suicide Squad since the series launch. Comic Book Resources picked the brain of series' writer Adam Glass and found out some interesting things about the future issues and her new origin.


Suicide Squad #5CBR: What can you tell us about the "Hunt" storyline?


Adam Glass: I think I can tell you this, which is, we already know that the Joker's missing. When she hears that, well, Harley needs to go find him. Someone took her puddin', where's Mr. J? She turns around and decides, you know what? I'm going to go find out for myself what happened. As I think about it I'm like, hmm, can I say this? Lawyer, lawyer! [Laughs] I can say we're going to hunt her, so you know that she's basically going to get away.


CBR: In issue #7, you're re-jiggering the origin story for Harley. Is that all part and parcel with you wanting to show her as more than Mr. J's sidekick?


Adam Glass: Once again it goes with what I've been saying about the whole New 52 and especially "Suicide Squad," which is; it's familiar but fresh. What's the familiar thing that we all know about her, and what's the fresh take on it? I think, when you look at Harley, she's still [Joker's] doctor, he's still her patient, they still meet at Arkham Asylum — it's really the inciting incident that changes. We're diving a little deeper into the actual psychology of what it is. What makes her turn, what makes her fall for him, what makes her decide to go down his road? There're all these things we're going to visit and examine for the reboot of her origin. How'd she get her white skin? She's not albino, but she's close to [the Joker] with chalk white skin. All those things, we will establish.


CBR: It seemed like Harley was exploring a "relationship" with Deadshot — is this new twist going to play into the "Hunt?"


Adam Glass: Let's just put it this way — it's definitely going to get dealt with! [Laughs]


For the entire interview, including talk about some of the physical changes in the series, head over to Comic Book Resources. Suicide Squad #4 hits stores next week.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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