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DCU Spotlight: Review: Hawk and Dove #4

Hawk and Dove #4Hawk and Dove was written by Sterling Gates and illustrated by Rob Liefeld and opens sometime after the events of #3. Condor, who was revealed to be an old man, is in police custody and Hawk and Dove are there to question him. During the questioning, Hawk and Dove flash back to several points from the last issue, including the initial attack.


Hawk is threatening Condor with violence if he doesn't start answering his questions. The detective informs Dove from behind the two-way glass that good-cop/bad-cop routines doesn't actually work. She says she's there to make sure he doesn't cross any lines, the detective counters by asking her who keeps her from crossing lines.


Flashback number two occurs, where we learn what happened between Swan and Dove. Dove fights Swan back while describing what her life used to be like, how it wasn't always about peace. Dove ends up being stabbed in the back. Swan disappears and leaves the sword for Dove to take.


Back in the present, Hawk has signaled for Dove and the detective to come back in. Condor has decided to speak. He declares that he does want to kill the both of them, and that he doesn't need to be Condor to do it. His plan is to kill Hawk to take his power. Something called the War Circle is down to a manageable number, and he's going to cut the Avatar out of Hawk and eat it while he's still alive. Dove he's going to kill because he doesn't know what she is, and what he doesn't understand, deserves to die.


When Dove asks about the War Circle, Condor taunts that she hasn't been paired with Hawk long enough to know all of his secrets. Apparently, it's a secret Hawk doesn't know either. Condor laughs, as this is the funniest thing he's heard in 200 years. He assumes this is why they associate with Deadman, who marks them and makes their Avatars visible subjects.


Just then, Deadman shows up. Hawk promises Condor a one-way ticket to a maximum security prison. He senses another ghost and tells Dove she looks lively for someone who just got stabbed. As it turns out, Swan wasn't trying to kill Dove, merely use her Avatar's energy to change planes of reality. Deadman says this is impossible, according to the ground rules for death and ghosts he learned at Nanda Parbat. He decides it's a good time to leave. Swan, who has materialized and grabbed hold of Deadman, agrees.


They fade out of the room and Condor taunts Dove that she doesn't want to stop being peaceful. According to Condor, being around an Avatar of war causes Avatars of peace to grow more and more violent. Condor tells them they need Deadman to find the rest of the Avatars, and then they're coming back for them. A rescue chopper, sent by Mr. Quirk, picks Condor up and he leaves as Dove shouts that they will find him.


I typically enjoy Rob Liefeld's art and this issue was more of the same. He does have the slightly annoying habit of blurring things that are supposed to be in the background. I would prefer the same focus. Sterling Gates did seem a bit confused on what he was writing as well. Condor claims within this book that he's going to kill Dove because he doesn't know what she is, but later seems to know what happens to Avatars of Peace when they're around Avatars of War. The plot seemed to advance only a little during this issue, which was frustrating. I was hoping for resolution in this issue, but it seems we're going to have to wait a little longer.


Hawk and Dove #4:


2.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Melinda Hinman

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