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DCU Spotlight: Batman to Appear in Smallville

Comic Book Resources did a little bit of digging into September's solicitations and found out that Batman will finally be making his was to the Smallville universe. While the character never appeared on screen during the show's ten season run, there was a mention. But starting very soon in the digital first series and carrying to print form in September, Clark Kent will be coming face to face with Batman.


Over on Bryan Q. Miller's blog, the writer had this to say about the upcoming story arc, “I feel like I’ve been sitting on a Christmas present for everyone since January."


The solicitation for the print version reads as follows:


These stories are in print for the first time after appearing online. SUPERMAN comes face-to-face with high-tech weapons on the streets of Metropolis. The hunt for his parents’ killer puts a vigilante known only as “the BATMAN” on a collision course with The Man of Steel…


Look for the print version of the story to hit stores on September 5.


Smallville Season 11 #5


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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