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DCU Spotlight: Live Action Films Not Likely Until 2015

DCU Spotlight


While the release of The Dark Knight Rises is just over a week away and next summer will bring the release of Man of Steel, it is starting to look like any other DC live action films will not be likely to be released until 2015.


The Los Angeles Times talked with Warner Bros. film group president Jeff Robinov about the likely hood of seeing the films and things do not look bright for the next few years. Robinov admits that discussions were made with Chris Nolan in regards to overseeing the release of the live action Justice League, but as Nolan himself mentioned over the weekend, he has no interest in it.


For now, it seems that the goal for the next couple of years is to make audiences more aware of the large DC library of characters through video games, animated films, TV shows and merchandise. Despite the characters already being more known than the Marvel characters, awareness is something that could pay off in the long haul.


"My hope is that over the next month or so," Robinov said, "we’ll be ready to lay out the plan for the next DC movies."


Posted by Dustin Fritschel


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