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DCU Spotlight: New Justice League Revealed

San Diego Comic Con is less than a month away, and exclusives are being announced left and right for merchandise vendors. Over the weekend, 'Toon Tumblers revealed their exclusive for Comic-Con and quite possibly the new Justice League of America lineup as well. Their Facebook page showed off the images of the cup and promotional art, but have since been removed. The promotional art can be seen below and based on this being released at Comic-Con, DC is sure to building the hype for the new roster.


DCnU Justice League of America


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Nice.  I like Jim Lee's take on the modern day super hero.  He's given everybody a youthful look here too, which is I'm sure is what they they are shooting for with the relaunch and all.  I've heard the complaints about Superman wearing and "armored" costume.  It does look like it in a way but I think probably not.  We'll have to wait for an explanation as to why Supe's costume is configured that way.  Batman looks pretty much the same and Wonder Woman?  Well, she looks (ahem) damn good!