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December Bat-Books Announced

The comics being released during the month of December have been announced by DC Comics and there are a number of things in store for readers. Stories continue to expand the new universe of Batman and some creators are switched out for at least the month. Here is what December has in store for Bat-fans.


The biggest release of the month may in fact be a one-shot entitled Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes. The issue will be written by Grant Morrison with art by Cameron Stewart and Chris Burnham. The issue appears to be issues nine and ten of Batman Incorporated that were never released, but with slight changes due to the new DCU. Stephanie Brown will be teaming with Batman as originally planned but in the guise of Spoiler.


As far as creator changes, there are a few. Current Batwing artist Ben Oliver steps aside for Chriscross. Over on Nightwing, Trevor McCarthy fills in for Eddy Barrows, although this is just filling in as writer Kyle Higgins has confirmed on his Twitter page.


Batgirl seems to be making her rounds around the Bat-books by not only staring in her own series, but also appearing in Nightwing and Birds of Prey. In Batman and Robin, the origin of NoBody is revealed.


The Batman Universe cast of characters will also be appearing in a wide range of DC titles including All-Star Western, Justice League, Justice League International and Suicide Squad.


Head over to DC Comics to get the full line-up of all the comics coming to stores this December. The cover of the bunch goes to Batwoman #4.


Batwoman #4


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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