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Derek Fridolfs Talks Arkham Unhinged

You may have played Batman: Arkham City all the way through and beat it, but the story line does not stop there. A new weekly digital comic explores events that happen after the game is finished. Derek Fridolfs, who is best known for inking a number of Batman projects, is the writer behind the series that delves into the events of what happens next. Comic Book Resources interviewed Fridolfs about the project and what we can expect to see.


Batman: Arkham Unhinged #1CBR: Derek, tell us about "Arkham Unhinged." What's the general plot and how does it connect with the "Arkham City" video game?


Derek Fridolfs: For those unfamiliar with the game, the idea is that the new mayor, Mayor Sharp, in association with Hugo Strange, has sectioned off an old part of Gotham with walls in order to house-in criminals from Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison, following some major riots and destruction that happened in the first "Arkham Asylum" game. It's a chance to contain all of the criminals in one specific area [allowing them] to run free, as long as they don't try to escape. It keeps Gotham safer that way — at least, that's their intent when explaining this to the public. Bruce Wayne thinks otherwise, and decides to see for himself from inside the walls. So it's one long night inside Arkham City as Batman investigates what's really going on while trying to stop various things from happening.


"Arkham Unhinged" is complimentary to the Arkham City game. Now that the game is up and running, this is an ongoing, weekly, digital title that will have stories that are about what is going on in the game as well as backstories, motivations and further exploits in the Arkhamverse. It's a chance to flesh out things maybe hinted at or not covered in the game, as well as focus on brand new stories off the beaten path and follow these characters more closely.


Anyone that's played the game knows there's a main storyline being told as well as side missions with various characters. There's a whole lot there to play with, and this ongoing is a chance to leave no stone unturned. To get in there and play with all the villains as well as tell what is up with Batman and his family of heroes as the game takes place.


CBR: Judging by what we've seen so far, this book aims to really flesh out the conflict between Two-Face and Catwoman. Does it simply give a more detailed telling of the Arkham City story between the two characters that can be unlocked in the game, or is this something completely different?


Derek Fridolfs: [The "Arkham City"story] leads off the first storyline of "Unhinged." The first few chapters actually give a bit of backstory about how Catwoman and Two-Face arrived in Arkham City, leading up to the confrontation that kicks off the opening scene in the game. From there, we'll feature all sorts of other stories inside (and out) of Arkham City and what people are up to. Some might relate or tie-in to certain continuities of the game, but most are a chance to tell other stories and unique ideas and confrontations that don't occur in the game.


CBR: One of the great things about "Arkham City" is the inclusion of so many characters from the Batman mythos. Can readers expect a similar cast of characters for "Unhinged?"


Derek Fridolfs: Oh, definitely. That really is one of the best things, that I get a full toybox to play with. Most of Batman's rogues gallery are in the game, and we're going to have a chance to go through and have stories that cover most, if not all of them. There's a lot of crossover as well, with rivalries and vendettas. It's no surprise that after Arkham City opens, most of the villains have splintered off into their own sections of town and their own gangs. Some are interested in acquiring more power and territory, some are just trying to survive, some want to break out and some are happier now that they're inside and left alone. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on as many of them as possible, whether they were heavily featured in the game or not.


For the entire interview, including how the digital exclusive element plays into the series, head over to Comic Book Resources. Batman: Arkham Unhinged is released every week exclusively on DC's comixology store.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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