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Details for BAO Already Emerging

Batman: Arkham Origins


Earlier, Warner Bros. sent over the press released for Batman: Arkham Origins. But it appears that with the quicker than usual release date for the Arkham titles, the blitz for publicity has already begun.


Game Informer will be releasing their issue for May 2013 in a short time and today they revealed what will be one the cover.


Game Informer May 2013 Cover


In addition to the cover reveal, there is also a video they have posted on talking with WB Games Montreal about the project.



Game Informer promises a number of elements revealed throughout the month, in relation to Batman: Arkham Origins. Deathstroke is already one revealed with the cover.


Batman: Arkham Origins will release October 25, 2013.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Steven

    While I would have preferred a sequel, I'll withhold judgement until I see a gameplay trailer. Plus, I wonder is Hamill will replay Joker again?

  • Joe Jinks

    I'm nervous about this. I'm not a gamer and I loved the first two Arkham games but with different developers i'm worried that this won't be good. It's already apparent that the look of the game will be different from those images above. I hope that WB Games can do as awesome a job as Rocksteady did.