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Review: Detective Comics #28

The comic starts out giving us a recap of what happened in Layman's story in #27. Batman has allowed to be captured and placed in Arkham Asylum. But thankfully, we had that annual a few months back, and Batman knows all the new updates done to the security system, and he did that without his utility belt. So it's no big deal that Scarecrow took his belt away this time.


Batman needs to make an antidote for Scarecrow's toxin that he has over the whole city. Poison Ivy is immune to the toxin, as she is all toxins, and Batman uses this to create a toxin in less time, in exchange for lettin Ivy go. We also find out that the suicides are being caused by Scarecrow. The original toxin removes all fear surrounding them, and then he is giving his test subjects fear in it's purest form.


Batman and Ivy team up to fight Croc, and as they make their way out, they run across Scarecrow along with members of the Bat-family.


This was an okay issue. It felt like a lot of recap, and then it ran through the rest of the story pretty quickly. Batman and Ivy teaming up made it feel like a pre-N52 story, and that made it feel pretty unique. The art was good on some pages, especial the ones featuring Scarecrow, and then looked sloppy other times. Batman being in Arkham again makes it have a feel to the video games, and Layman has a nice story sending him out on. Although, this story isn't as exciting as last issue, it builds nicely to the next, and I think Layman will end on a high note.


Detective Comics #28:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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