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Review: Detective Comics: Futures End #1

Detective Comics Futures EndHere we go, kicking off DC’s new special September issues, we get a sort of sequel to Buccellato’s annual issue from last month. Buccellato starts off this story with an interesting concept, but it fails to add anything, and by the time you finish the story, you kinda feel shorted. The story ends abruptly, and tries to add a twist but it ends up coming out of left field.


There are two artists this issue, which ended up being a negative. Scott Hepburn does the first half, and Cliff Richards does the second. Their art is both good, but it’s so different from each other that it is extremely jarring. Richards art is a DC style, that I feel like I’ve seen before. Hepburn’s art is more enjoyable, just because it’s so different from classic DC.


Spoilers ahead…


Batman comes flying in, as he seems to have stolen Spider-Man’s villain, Green Goblin’s glider. He goes to pay a visit to the Riddler. There has been a takeover, again, at Arkham. Calendar Man is in charge, and is demanding that the man responsible for breaking his family apart.


Riddler helped update the security system at Arkham, so Batman needs his help getting in. Riddler goes with him, they get in, and Calendar Man takes Riddler away, as he is the one whom he blames for wrecking his family.


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  • - 40%
  • Total Score 40%