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1st Black Robin To Appear In Detective Comics #27


Awhile back, Scott Snyder tweeted that he and Sean Gordon Murphy (artist of Wake) will be going a sci-fi Batman story. No one knew what the plot of the story was going to be until Snyder told a bit of it to the host on iFanboy podcast, which will not be spoiled here. However, the premise of the story is that it will set in the future, but will not be in continunity with DC Comics' New 52. It is basically a stand alone story by Snyder and Murphy.


Today, we found out from Sean Murphy who tweeted an in-the-works sketch of DC Comics first Black Robin. According to Sean Gordon Murphy, this Robin will appear in Detective Comics #27 which will be celebrating 75 years of Batman and marking the second issue of Detective Comics #27 in DC Comics' publishing history. The first Detective Comics #27 was published in 1939 featuring the first published appearance of Batman. See the image still of Murphy's sketch above. 


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