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Francis Manapul Teases 'Tec and Batwoman?

It has been reported that Francis Manapul (former artist of Flash) will be the artist of Detective Comics with Brian Buccellato (former writer of Flash) starting after John Layman's run in 2014.



As all good artists do, they get a head start on their artwork. Manapul has already started on Detective Comics, he is sharing his work on Instagram. A couple of Bat-fans have questioned whether or not Manapul would be able to make a dark brooding Batman after doing a colorful character like Flash for twenty plus issues. Well, he shows off a pencil drawn version of what seems to be a splash panel featuring Batman versus huge tentacles. The brooding quality is there, but the coloring will determine it all in the end.



Now, Manapul is not just working on Batman but also Batwoman. Does that mean Batwoman will be featured in Detective Comics? It doesn't seem so from the artwork, it seems to be very centered on Batwoman's back story. The featured artwork maybe part of the upcoming Batwoman Annual #1 for April 2014 written by Marc Andreyko. Manapul might be one of many artists doing the annual, which has not been confirmed by DC Comics solicitations for April 2014. The Batwoman image stills from Manapul look too detailed to be a small side project. We'll find out soon enough in January 2014 for the April solicitations.


What do you think of Manapul's Batman?


Posted by Kristina Collins

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