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Review: Detective Comics #23.2

Detective Comics #23.2First off, I have to say that the artwork on the cover was very remedial. Not the art that inspires or really draws one in to the book. Character proportions are off, and Harley's pose is a bit cliché. Now that I have lodged my one complaint about the book we can delve into the wonder that is Harley Quinn. As most of the Villains’ one shot are want be we have the cliff notes origin of Dr. Harlene Quinzell. We begin the madness with Harley fresh off the Suicide Squad, pondering her next move. We are then treated to the tale of young Harley’s troubled upbringing, leading to medical school and culminating with her mental break becoming Harley Quinn.


With excellent writing from Matt Kindt we are truly brought into Harley's head for an up-close exploration of her troubled psyche and even hinted at a personality break, where for a few panels she argues with herself and tries to vindicate each personality to the other. I have always been impressed by Neil Googe’s art style and with Harley he nailed it. With the combination of Kindt and Googe we are presented with a beautifully penned and articulate tale of a troubled soul who fought off familial psychosis only to eventually give into it. Now, I know many will say “they already did this in suicide squad, and that version was better!” You may be right but, this is only a one shot which I don’t give much credence too anyway. If you want a fun dark Harley story, this is it.


Detective Comics #23.2:


3 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Joe Palazzolo

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