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Is Nightwing heading for fatherhood?

As the headline and teaser image reveals, Nightwing gets a voicemail which may change things forever. In Nightwing #16 (out today), his current girlfriend Shawn Tsang thinks she may be pregnant. If you haven’t been reading Nightwing, Shawn is a former criminal who started a support group for others who had left crime behind. She and Dick Grayson became involved and she even deduced his costumed identity. In Nightwing #15, we saw their relationship progress over a time skip. He even met her parents.


Now she is having a pregnancy scare. Unfortunately, the question of her condition is tabled as Nightwing discovers she’s been abducted. This leaves us with some speculative questions.


Is she lying? Is this part of the abduction plot?


Will she turn out to be wrong?


If she is pregnant, will DC comics let Nightwing become a father?


Dick spends some time in the issue questioning if he’s ready for fatherhood. He notes that he avoided it with Kory since he was too young and their child would’ve been a hybrid. He considers the fact that Bruce was his age when Damian was born.


A Grayson baby would also make Batman a grandfather. Is DC ready to go that route? When Barry Allen returned to the mainstream DC, he and Iris were still grandparents until “Flashpoint” and “The New 52” changed the origin of Bart Allen. DC got around the “Barry is a grandpa” issue by mostly ignoring it. Bart rarely addressed him as “Grandpa” either which was awkward.


What are your thoughts Bat-fans? Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are both fathers. Is DC ready to go down that road with Dick, or is this a fakeout?

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