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Batman: The Animated Series-Fire from Olympus



Join Dustin, Donovan, Jon and Ed as they give commentary on the Fire from Olympus episode of Batman: The Animated Series.



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  • Alex

    Great commentary guys! I forgot how great an episode this was. I thought Jon picked it because it was a sillier episode and would be fun for a discussion, but as soon as you guys mentioned Maxie referring to Batman as Lord Hades, it all came back to me how brilliant it was. I agree with what you guys said about the opening sequence for the series, and I would argue it's the greatest opening of any TV show animated or live action.

    I didn't know you were going to do commentaries on Justice League episodes. Although Demon's Quest is my favorite episode, I really want you guys to do the JLU episodes This Little Piggy and Kids Stuff. They're really fun episodes and I want to hear your thoughts.

  • Jason Ritter

    Can i request a commentary on the demon’s quest two parter

  • Jon

    No I picked this episode because I honestly think it is one of the best B:AS episodes. It does a great job of taking one of the much sillier characters and making him a creditable threat.