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Batman: The Animated Series: On Leather Wings Commentary


Join Don and Dustin as they give their commentary for the Batman: The Animated Series episode, On Leather Wings.



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  • Chris Karnes

    Just a comment/experience share:  Dustin is right in that "The Cat and Claw" was the first episode that aired and it was the Saturday of the Labor Day weekend of '92.   I was visiting relatives out of town at the time and scurrying to videotape the episode at an uncle's house – much to their confusion (they seldom used their VCR), but they happily obliged once I found and got a blank tape from nearby store.   Seeing that this episode was a two-parter and the conclusion would air the following Saturday, I held off using the same tape and got another blank tape for the following  episode.   Ah, the trials of a BTAS episode collector and viewer from back in the day.