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Son of Batman (2014)


Join Don and Stella as they give their commentary for Son of Batman.



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  • Jason Ritter

    great commentary guys. can you do a commentary for Justice league War?

  • Kevin

    i didn't like this movie as much as the other, but it was still enjoyable.

  • Jason Ritter

    This movie is unblanced with the Tone and what they are trying to go for.  The Man-bat part gave me flashbacks to The Batman vs Dracula. I just wish they could of did something else what wasn't the Manbat pilot 

  • Stella

    I'd be glad to do a commentary with others on JL: War. Sadly, it is another one that I did not enjoy as much…

  • Chris Gering

    I agree with you guys. This one lacked something, and yes even JLA: War was lacking, but with the rest of the JL team there, it made up for some of it. Also, I liked the establishing of people pairing off to become friends.

  • I agree with a lot of what you guys said. I enjoyed it, but as Tim is my favorite Robin, he was missed. Even making him Red Robin and Batman’s current partner would’ve been better