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Review: Earth 2: Society #8

earth 2Synopsis: Picking up after the formation of the Justice Society, the story now shows Hawkgirl who has been absent for some time. She has taken it upon herself to map out this new world. Kendra is using voice recording to help her survey the land. She admits that she may be going crazy since she has not had any contact with people for forty-eight days. She comes upon “ruins” which she states is impossible given that this Earth was created during Convergence only a year ago. She is attacked by a group of women who label the zone as “forbidden”.


In Metropolis, the World Army Cabinet begins a session to discuss the recent problems the world is facing. Many threats are against them including energy shortages, inter-city conflicts, and free elections. Superman points out that there is a growing anti-Wonder sentiment throughout the cities. Before they can discuss this topic further, Green Lantern is alerted to a “beast” that is fighting other Justice Society members.


In New Gotham, a man trying to buy a fusion pack is almost killed when Batman shows up to thwart the would-be killers. However, the fusion pack falls during the fight and explodes.


Back in Metropolis, Green Lantern is seen towering over the defeated monster that the team was fighting. Everyone begins to debate the origin of this monster and determine that it could either be a genetically manufactured creature turned against one city or a result of the terraforming that has been conducted. The team decides to get the cities’ leaders to sit down for peaceful negotiations while also investigating the possibility that terraforming the new Earth has created these problems.


The issue concludes with Hawkgirl battling the female warriors only to discover that they are from Amazonia and they are led by Fury, the daughter of Earth 2’s Wonder Woman and Steppenwolf.


Thoughts: Following the events of the Justice Society’s battle with Doctor Impossible, I was relieved that they had finished that storyline and were heading in new directions. Although no big baddie has presented himself or herself (maybe Fury and Amazonia?) yet in the story, I am intrigued by how they started this next arc.


As far as the story is concerned, the world is still in disarray even after a year following Convergence. The Wonders have come together as a Justice League of sorts and they have started to also take part in the restoration of peace with the World Army. This is pretty controversial and could really take the story to some interesting places.


Writer Dan Abnett has set up a very tense atmosphere for all the characters and that felt very real as they discussed the various problems facing the world. I liked the “Dr. Manhattan” moments of Green Lantern who has now become a god in a way and wrestles with the responsibilities of looking after a whole planet and still retaining his humanity (while also being the size of a skyscraper occasionally).


The artwork is the only area where I would have liked a change. Abnett has started the new arc off on the right foot from a writing perspective so I was hoping for a different look heading into the next story. Jimenez is not bad by any means but his work has just not connected with me. Admittedly, I may have been spoiled by Nicola Scott’s amazing artwork during the Earth 2 run.


Overall, the controversial environment that the Wonders find themselves in now leaves me excited to see where the story goes from here. Although I was looking for a change in artist, Jimenez still has given some great panels before so I will keep an open mind.


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  • Corbin Pool

    I LOVE Jimenez’s art on this book. He was the only reason I kept coming back before, and now I like the direction Abnett is taking it. He has a good grip on these characters, and I love how there is only one comic that deals with this world. It gives the writer the creative freedom to play with all the toys in the box.

  • Bill Heuer

    While the art didn’t connect for me on these last few issues…the next issue totally did for whatever reason so stay tuned for the review of issue 9! I totally agree with you regarding the fact that the book is on the entire Earth 2 rather than individual characters. Abnett has done a solid job at having big team moments but also giving a look at individual characters and their growth throughout the series.