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ECCC: DC All-Access

DC All-Access


Emerald City Comic Con is underway and DC is holding a number of panels. The first one up is DC All-Access and it was moderated by Mike Marts. From The Batman Universe creators included Chris Burnham, Dustin Nguyen, Nathan Fairbarin and editor Rachel Gluckstern. Here are the highlights from the panel.


-Chris Burnham stated that Batman Incorporated has Grant Morrison telling the life story of Talia al Ghul and pulls from the Denny O'Neal/Neal Adams material.
-A question was asked on how Red Hood fits into the Batman mythos in the New 52, and was answered with more origin stories are coming focusing on Jason and Dick's past relationship.
-Stephanie Brown was brought up numerous times and Mike Marts said they are still looking to a way of working her into the New 52 and there are no plans anytime soon.
-A question was asked about the necessity about Bruce hitting Dick to get the Court of Owls' cap out of his mouth to which Marts replied maybe the extreme was for another reason.


All of the details came courtesy of Comic Book Resources. There is still at least one more panel with more Batman news possibly be announced, so stay tuned.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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