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Editorial: Batman vs Iron Man



Seeing as we recently discussed who would win out of a battle between Superman and Batman, it seems like a good idea to think about whether the Caped Crusader could successfully bring down the endlessly smug Marvel character, Iron Man?


At first glance, both of the superheroes seem to be pretty similar. They both play the role of eccentric billionaires, they both like to get dressed up in body-enhancing armor, and they’ve both become stars of the online casino world.


But a closer look reveals subtle differences that could tip the power in Batman’s favor. Most notably, once Iron Man removes his body armor, it reveals the raw fact that Tony Stark is nothing but a depressive narcissistic drunkard.


Whilst Robert Downey Jr was a pretty good casting choice for Iron Man, it ultimately revealed how the Marvel character’s flakey temperament could be his ultimate downfall. After all, the Iron Man comic books had a famous Demon in a Bottle storyline that Disney wimped out of using in the recent Iron Man 3 movie.


And further to this, is that although we can all play and wager at the Iron Man slots game at the Coral online casino site, once Tony Stark steps outside of his invincible suit, he’s got little in the way of physical strength or fighting skills – and that’s not even mentioning his dodgy heart defect!


Whereas even when he’s hung up his Batman outfit, there’s numerous examples of Bruce Wayne being a kick-ass fighter. As well as mastering the arts of jiujutsu, Bruce Wayne is also an awesome scientist and detective, and you just know that his cool temperament would win out over Tony Stark’s unpredictability in the long run.


In addition to his moral backbone, Batman has also got a history of having pretty awesome sidekicks who could back him up if Iron Man somehow got the upper hand. And whilst Tony Stark is all about showbiz and big gestures, you just know that Batman always would get the public support necessary to win the battle if it came down to it.


So ultimately it’s all about a question of timing. If the pair met without the help of their super-powered suits then Bruce Wayne would definitely win it. But if Batman came up against the invincible power of Iron Man, then it seems like it’s not just in the online casinos that Tony Stark would claim another outrageous victory!

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  • Ian Miller

    Interesting piece – but I think comparing the two misses the fact that Marvel was trying for more practical, real-world (or real-ish world) types of characters, while Batman is trying much more for an archetype – a figure that has so many universal qualities they transcend “normal” character analysis. That’s not to say that Batman isn’t relateable or interesting, but he’s a titan, and Iron Man is one of us. It’s also why Batman both attracts and needs so many partners, supporters, or sidekicks – a figure who operates on that level of our imagination has to have entry points, people inspired by him in the same way he inspires us. I love Tony, but I’m not particularly inspired by him. The closest Marvel has to such a figure is, of course, Captain America.