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Online casino Batman themed games are on the rise these days. In fact, games that feature DC heroes in general are starting to become more and more numerous, and with good reason. People tend to love superhero stories in general. Games that have had superhero themes have been among the most popular for a long time.


However, Marvel is now owned by Disney. Disney has maintained a wholesome image for a long time, and they have a very old-fashioned definition of ‘wholesome.’ Some people have maintained that Disney has never truly escaped its conservative roots from the 1930’s, in spite of the fact that it is working on trying to be more inclusive and liberal in its character portrayal today. Disney still has attitudes towards gambling and gaming that are very old-fashioned. As such, the online casino games from Marvel are now gone.


This is creating something of a vacuum when it comes to superhero themed casino games. People are not going to be able to play all of their favorite superhero themed games from Marvel these days. However, lots of people truly like DC comics and Marvel comics and their associated heroes. The idea of a rivalry between DC fans and Marvel fans is something of an exaggeration. Many comic book fans truly like both.


The people who used to love the Marvel casino slot games are going to all migrate over to the DC games. Of the DC heroes, Batman is at least arguably the most popular. Lots of people like Superman as well, but Batman seems to have a really deep appeal for a lot of people. Games that feature Batman, or really anything that features Batman, will tend to be really popular.


At Microgaming, the Dark Knight slots series was one of the most popular of all of its games. However, because of licensing issues, this immensely popular series had to be discontinued back on June 27, 2016. Of course, this was a slot game series that was specifically referencing the very popular 2000’s and 2010’s film series of Batman.


As such, people should not have to worry about some of the same issues occurring with games that have Batman themes in general. With these games, the situation is going to be a little bit more complicated in general. People can look up a lot of the new Batman themed games as they read online casino reviews.


There are going to be more and more games that will feature Batman characters in general. Some of these games are going to feature the Batman villains, such as the Joker. The Joker is probably the most popular of the Batman villains, particularly after the groundbreaking performance of the Joker by Heath Ledger. Even after some of the more disappointing Batman movies in recent years, people are still going to be thrilled to see more Batman games and more material from this very popular franchise.


Batman has been around for close to a century now. People are going to keep on appreciating this character in one form or another for a long time.

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  • Ian Miller

    Many comics fans do like both…but not some…to some, Marvel comics is a frozen chicken leg… 😉