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TBU Editorial: Our Favorite Batman Stories from the New Millennium

The Batman comics from DC have been around for over seventy-five years with a lot of history to them and great storylines. Batman is possibly DC’s most prolific character and over the past decade or so we’ve seen numerous Batman movies as well as popular slots games for real money being made. Batman has come from humble roots fighting gangsters to the Dark Knight and when it comes to comic books, there is an epic catalog of stories to be read. It of course makes our job of picking nine favorite stories from the past eighteen years a little harder but we have managed to do it and are delighted to present them to you today. These are not presented in a ranked manner, just a list of stories you should definitely check out.

Batman: Endgame: Our first pick is the ultimate choice among fans. This is the ultimate final confrontation between Batman and the Joker and if you haven’t read it you’re missing out.


Batman: Hush: This comic series took a full year to tell the story and the arc involved a huge mystery. Every issue focused on a different villain and we get to meet all of Batman’s closest allies too. We also get an iconic fight between Batman and Superman.


Batman and Robin: Reborn: Again, this is another stellar series and instead of a brooding Batman and cheerful Robin we get to see the reverse.


What Happened to the Caped Crusader? This two part story was written by Neil Gaiman and proved to be a big hit. Batman tells his own story and with top author Neil Gaiman doing the writing it’s no wonder it’s made our list.


The Clown at Midnight: This story takes place in Batman #663 and was written by Grant Morrison. It’s more like a graphic novel than a single issue comic spanning ten chapters that tells the story of Batman and the Joker. A definite must read for all fans.

Batman: Court of Owls: In this one we see the history of Batman and Gotham being changed but it feels real. We also see new characters being added in which work really well.


Batman: Under the Hood: This is another big fan favorite and again sees changes being made to Batman’s universe. Some of the ripples created with this one are still being felt in today’s comics.


Batman: RIP: Written by Grant Morrison this is one of his best pieces of work. Batman doesn’t actually die in this book but we do see a version of him dying and something new being born.


Batman: Black Mirror: This is one of the darkest stories when it comes to Batman and it involves the new Dick Grayson Batman alongside James Gordon. The story compares the paths taken by the first ward of Bruce Wayne and the son of Gordon.


That completes our list of best Batman comic books. DC knows they’ve hit gold with this character and he’s currently part of multiple comic series that are being published. We can’t imagine this character coming to an end anytime soon. What are some of your favorite stories from this millennium?

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