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Batman Team Ups: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis


DC Comics have relied on Batman for steady interest with fans. From comics to movies to video games and toys, Batman has delivered time and time again. Since he is just one man, there are times that a challenge is so big, even the Caped Crusader cannot handle it alone. Thus is the case with Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, which pits not only the Dark Knight but the whole team of good superheroes against a new foe from under the sea.


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis doesn’t squarely focus on Batman like his solo adventures do. That is to be expected as this is a Justice League feature film and there are other characters to build up. This plays into the Batman mythos as he can be aloof but still a strong member of the Justice League.


This mysteriousness of the man behind the cape and cowl goes hand in hand with Atlantis – a location so mysterious we don’t even know if it existed. From comics to movies, Atlantis still captivates audiences with new stories for fans to enjoy and challenges for writers to develop. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis has the mysterious denizens of the sunken city taking vengeance out on a United States submarine that gets too close.


The leaders of Atlantis bicker over declaring war with the surface world. Some believe the damage the underwater city experienced was due directly to the Justice League. Others believe it was Darkseid that caused the damage that killed Prince Orm’s father. There is a light environmental theme to Justice League: Throne of Atlantis evident when Prince Orm brings up damage to the planet surface dwellers are doing (events that played out in Justice League War). Prince Orm’s mother stays steadfast in her decision to not attack the air breathers. Instead, Queen Atlanna sends Mera to bring Arthur, the Queen’s other son, home to Atlantis. Black Manta, not happy with the Queen’s decision, causes his own adversity on Atlantis in hopes of starting the war he wants so badly.


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis gives valuable background information on Atlantis, the royal regal of the underwater city’s leaders, and fans also learn what drives Aquaman. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis is darker than animated features such as Batman: The Animated Series or Batman Begins. Characters are killed or maimed throughout the story. DC Comics have proven they will not shy away from a darker theme with their feature films, both animated and live action. How long before we get a much darker animated Dark Knight?


This animated feature is a chance for us to learn the history of Atlantis in the DC Animated Universe and we find out more about the origin of Aquaman himself. Fans of the Dark Knight may find this one a little light on the Caped Crusader’s screentime, though what is there is quality character exposure. For fans of Batman in the team setting there is also Justice League Action which airs on Cartoon Network.

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