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How much lighter will the Justice League film be?


For the millions of Games of Thrones fans out there, Michael McElhatton is a well-known name. The 53-year-old Irish actor plays the role of Roose Bolton in the critically acclaimed and widely popular HBO series. The Lord of the Dreadfort and head of House Bolton, Bolton is a cold and cautious man who receives regular leechings in order to improve his health.


McElhatton plays the role of Bolton brilliantly, and he now has a part in the upcoming Justice League movie. The Irishman himself has revealed the fact that he is in the opening scene of the superhero movie, but he has suggested that he is in just one scene. Nevertheless, for someone who has been on our screens since the early 1990s but has only become famous and popular due to his role in Games of Thrones, it is quite a feat to be part of a movie that has the potential to make box office record.


“There is probably going to be a lot more humor in Justice League, I think would probably be the main difference from the previous one [Batman v Superman],” said McElhatton. “I found the scene I did, which is kind of a big opening scene, was pretty dark actually in its tone, but in a good way. It was comic booky, but I think you can thread a certain amount of humor through it, which maybe the previous one was lacking.”


There is a lot of hype and expectation about the Justice League movie, which will be released in mid-November this year, and McElhatton’s comments provide a valuable insight into what fans can expect. If you have watched the first official trailer of the movie, then you would know there is a touch of humor in what is otherwise a very action-packed film. McElhatton’s comments are further indications that this is not going to be grim as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was.


Justice League may be a group of extraordinary superheroes, all of whom have their unique skill sets, but Batman is certainly their leader. The Dark Knight is one of the most beloved and mysterious superheroes, and with Superman now gone, he is going to take center-stage. What is so different about Batman from other superheroes is that he has no ‘special’ powers. Unlike Spider-Man, Flash, Superman, Hulk, Thor and countless others, Batman’s power comes from combat training, willpower, gadgets and money – not derived from gamma rays, sunlight or spiders. He is a ‘man’ who is also a superhero.


Batman is hugely popular among the general public, and his influence goes beyond movies. Over the years, Batman has come to represent man’s fight against evil and the determination to overcome all hurdles. Bruce Wayne may be rich, handsome and a playboy, but what makes him so relevant and relatable are his struggles, tragedies and inner conflicts.


Aptly named the Dark Knight, Batman has significantly influenced online gaming. Among the many iGaming titles available online is Sun Bingo’s Batman & The Joker Jewels slot games. In this five-reel, 25-payline slot, Batman and his sidekick Robin confront their old nemesis, the Joker. Other iGaming titles include Batman & The Riddler, Batman & The Penguin Prize, and Batman & Batgirl. Batman & Catwoman Cash is another entry with five reels, three rows and 25 paylines, along with a cartoonish design.


The popularity of Batman is also reflected in the number of video games based on the Dark Knight, of which Batman: Arkham is one of the most successful. The four main instalments each have a different and intriguing storyline. Batman: Arkham Knight, released in 2015, was especially interesting as it saw the return of the supervillain Scarecrow, who forged alliances with Penguin among others to destroy our beloved Caped Crusader.


Batman first appeared back in 1939, but the character is just as loved and popular as ever. The worldwide success of the 2017 3D computer-animated The Lego Batman Movie shows that the character appeals to people of all age. With a standalone The Batman movie set to hit the screens in the not-too-distant future, it seems that the movie producers and the public simply cannot get enough of the Dark Knight.

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