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Editorial: BTBTB Batgirl ‘Teaser’


By now many of you have seen the ‘teaser’ of a potential Batgirl CGI series which aired during the final episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.  Some of you may ask, WDST…that’s ‘What does Stella think?’  Well, friends and fellow Babs-lovers, I am here to tell you!


There are going to be two arguments on this issue:


The first side will simply say, “It’s a fake teaser, nothing more.  The series has done this before.”  This thinking is certainly true.  We saw earlier when the show began a 3-5 minute short with Batgirl and Batman up against Mothman.  That certainly was not a teaser for a spin-off.  We have also seen that Birds of Prey musical special written by comic scribe Gail Simone.  That was also a short, not meant to go any further.  How is this ‘teaser’ any different?


Well, I believe that it is…or at least it COULD be different.  This is where the second argument comes into play.  There are a couple points I have to make on the more positive side of the argument. 


I have heard it said by my good friend Josh Bertone that “The problem is BATB finished production a year ago…and they announced all the upcoming DTVs.  So if they are doing this it's been a secret and secret for a while…which I don't see them doing.”  Again, this is true.  I myself, asked Lauren Montgomery whether Batgirl: Year One is a possibility for a future DTV.  After the world premiere of Batman: Year One, another Batgirl fan asked whether Batgirl could be featured in a future film.  On both occasions, there was not a positive answer.  Why would they not hint at this tease when given the chance?  To be honest, I do not know.  But the fact remains that now is the time for such a show (or movie) to be created.  Not only is Batman: Year One nearly out and Batman fandom is at an all-time high, but one must also remember (whether you like it or not) that Babs is back under the cowl!  If Babs is, as many attest her to be, ‘the most recognizable Batgirl,’ why not utilize the opportunity to double her exposure and have a series air alongside the comic?  People will watch the show, want to learn more about the character, and discover that there is a comic starring her!  Then there may be those reading the comic, love the character, and excited for the show!  It makes sense to me!


My final point involves the animation style.  It was NOT animation, was it?  No, it was CGI!  Now, you may correct me because I have not been watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but I believe that this is the first time that a short has been designed in this way.  Does that not seem strange?  Why spend the time rendering when they could have just as easily animated it?  Did they want it to look distinct from the cartoon?  Did they want it to look distinct from the previously mentioned Batgirl short?  I do not have answers to these questions, but I do think that it speaks volumes that it is CGI and not animation.  I have seen scenes from the upcoming Green Lantern CGI series, and the Batgirl ‘teaser’ does not even compare!


So what will become of this ‘teaser?’  Boy, I wish I knew!  My heart longs for a positive answer, but I have also been burned many times by the comics and cartoon-world, so I do not want to put my heart on the line.  All I know is this: it looks good.  It looks damn good! 


Fly on, Babs lovers!


Posted by Stella of BatgirltoOracle.net

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  • My take on this is split too. Although it does not look anything like the Green Lantern series, I sill have to wonder if this is more of a show of what could be for the new Batman CGI series. To be honest though, it looks a lot better than the stuff coming from Green Lantern. As much as Babs deserves her own show, and she does, if the new Batman series looks that good, I will be happy.