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Season 2: Episode 1: Damned If You Do

TGC E1 Pic

The Gotham Chronicle is back for season two! Who is staying on the podcast and who is leaving? How did Bruce get so dirty? Did Barbara confuse Arkham for an airport? Does anyone remember Loeb’s daughter? Can Gotham become a better show with it’s second season? Join Josh, Stella and Dustin as they speculate on the ramifications of Gotham’s season two premiere.


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  • Albert V

    Good to have the pod back guys, i enjoyed your discussions last season and i look forward to hate watching this season. You guys have become the Washington Generals of the batman universe, your putting yourself through such punishment for our entertainment….sad to see stella go, hopefully she changes her mind, but cant say that i blame her… Anyway good pod to start off the season… Hate what they did to riddler in the episode.