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Episode 1


Welcome to Episode # 1 for Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake Podcast. For this first episode we will be looking at well.. the Beginning… The first apearience of Tim Drake in the pages of DC Comics. It all starts with Batman Year 3 in issue number 436, released in the late summer of 1989. So joing me, Rob, as we start our journey to find out why everyone loves the Drake!



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  • Terence

    Love the Drake! Great job Rob!

  • Rob Myers

    Thanks Terence.. i had a blast… looking forward to recording episode 2


  • Michael

    The first 16:45 of the audio is choppy, and then it smooths out.

  • Rob Myers

    Michael.. i think the way i recorded this first episode dosent play well with the player that TBU uses.. if you download it it plays just fine… for episode two i used a different program and a headset and it played just fine on the TBU player.. odd… try downloading the episode.. sorry for that

  • Chad

    Just found this podcast, and I just wanted to say…thank you. 1989 was the year I got into reading comics, largely because of the Batman film that was released that year. I started reading Batman and Detective (whatever I could find on the spinner racks) right after I saw that movie, and it wasn’t long before I stumbled across young Tim Drake in the “A Lonely Place of Dying” storyline. Tim became my favorite character almost immediately, so while I came to comics because of Batman, I stayed because of Tim. That’s still true, by the way, 25 years later, even though the New 52 version of Tim is much different from the one with whom I grew up.

    It’s a shame that Tim no longer has his own series in the New 52, but at least he has his own podcast! Great job!