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Episode 101 Part 1

TBUCP E101-1


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:44 Comic News
0:29:08 Talon #0
0:52:14 Red Hood and the Outlaws #0
1:13:06 Batwoman #0
1:30:21 Batman: The Dark Knight #0
1:48:51 Teen Titans #0
2:25:11 Closing
2:26:21 Outtakes



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  • dave

    first of all, love the new format.  i feel it bought about great discussion that other wise may have been missed.  second it was cool to hear another classic "Bertone Rant" the guest host was great to hear for long time listeners.
    now to add to the discussion.  for the most part i've enjoyed the new 52.   Batman, Nightwing, Batwoman, Batman & Robin have all been enjoyable while RedHood, Teen Titans, Batgirl, Dark Knight have had their bright points but have mostly been underwhelming.  coming into issue 0 i was expecting a retelling of the origin stories we all knew and loved.  now before going on i'd like to point out that when DC relaunched everything a year ago we were told that the batman universe would remain with very little changes.  all the major events still took place and the origins were going to pretty much the same.  how things can change in 12 months.  
    In some cases the change in history was somewhat minor at this point and actually made more sense as a reader (red hood being bought back to life via the lazarus pit as opposed to superboy prime punching a hole in the universe), in this case i didn't mind it.  with Tim "not so" Drake on the other hand…the new 52 was a reset, a good chance to look over the major titles and fix errors in continuity and some things that were slightly stupid.  Tim Drakes backstory as an ordinary kid who figured out who Batman was and became Robin after the death of Jason Todd because, "batman needs a robin." was great.  having to hide his identity from his father and having to juggle his two lives was what made his story so good and unique as a robin.  this was just a pointless reboot for tim that essentially stripped the elements that made his story unique.   i could rant more but it may get ugly.
    what's everyone elses thoughts?

  • Donovan Grant

    I agree. Peopl seem to thnk that Tim was some sort of prodigy genius just because he was the detective Robin, but he was more down-to-earth and believable as a normal kid than any of the preceeding Robins at the time. It really does come off that the current regime has no knowledge of the character before writing him for the new 52.

  • Micah Evans

    The new format is much more entertaining. Things were getting intense between stella and bertone. I only started the show with the new 52 so I haven't heard bertone on a show before but he adds some nice bitter, angry fan perspective, which I can't help feeling like some days.
    It feels like the robins are kind of blurring together. The traits that made them unique now being shared more between them. Like you guys said about tim's parents being alive but him still joining batman because he 'lost' them, so you don't get the dynamic of tim hiding a secret life. Then you have dick figuring out bruce's identity but not tim, and tim being a gymnast.
    And like bertone said, there's no real emotional context to these retellings. It isn't like an ultimate universe where the stories are truly being retold, it just feels like a cheap imitation of something we already have. It's for that reason that I don't believe this continuity will hold strong for more than a few years. Writers and artists will want to use elements from the stories that mean more to them, and old continuity will slowly creep back in.
    Who is going to want to be restricted to simone's babsgirl for inspiration when there are decades of superior stories?

  • dave

    the idea of retelling/re-imagining the origin stories for the characters would've worked better if we had more than a single 20 page issue to invest in the new origins.  if these massive changes were ever to be embraced they have to mean something.  3 issues or so would've been better.  at least with Bruce he had Detective Comics, Batman and Batman:the dark knight  to tell an origin story and those issues were not bad but everyone else had an issue at most.  not enough space to matter.

  • Micah Evans

    I'll agree with that.
    But I think the approach that they've taken to batman continuity has made possibly the biggest mess in the DCU currently.
    They should have either left things mostly alone and relied on the classic stories as origins/developments, or they should have started over completely from the beginning.
    IMO Wonder Woman and the Superman books (well, action comics at least until lobdell, diggle, snyder get started) are working out better and give me much less heartache because they are so far removed from what we had before. It's a different thing and I'm okay with that.
    Though on the other hand we could have ended up with something like green arrow. Though that's probly more of a quality of writer/artist problem.

  • dave

    yeah i'll agree with the green arrow remark.  i was picking up deathstroke and grifter until rob leyfield took over.  so at least arrow wasn't layfielded.
    i get the idea and logic behind the new 52; pull all the books into continuity and make them as less confusing to follow as possible.  so for messing with backstories that didn't need fixing DC you get a big fat F.  don't half ass it like you did either shake it up completely or leave it be.  now it's a mess.  Snyder it seems is trying to pull it together but lets be realistic he is starting on superman next year, he is still working on american vampire and swap thing on top of batman, he can't rule the roost or write batman forever and unfortunately when he leaves we could be stuck with someone god awful who will screw it all up more and we end up with the eventual need all around the DCU for another crisis to set it all straight once again.

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  • Senorc

    What Stella said about the whole "Tim's Parents should know who Batman is" is right: Batman says to his parents that he'll keep and eye on him and keep him safe AND THEN witness protection puts him in the custody of Bruce Wayne (probably at request) see? it makes sence!!! and also these issues have to sum up those big story arks in one zero issue, BECAUSE all DC had told them they only had one issue to do it all so and also the whole being Red Robin and not Robin, who cares? in Batman #1 the batcomputer states he used to be Robin, that because Tim wanted to not discrase Jason by calling him self Robin BUT to Bruce, he WAS Robin. I never read a lonley place of dying but I think they did a great job here, I'm glad I quickly read it digitaly right before listening to this.