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Episode 102

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A pre-SDCC review only episode. Before the reviews, I do address some listener emails, talk a little about the new ‘Arkham Knight’ video game and Barbara Gordon’s role in it and even give a special ‘No-Prize’ to a listener. After this, I talk about the wacky Suicide Squad #52 and read an excerpt from a reader’s letter from 1991. I then review the ‘Dragon’s Hoard’ storyline covering Suicide Squad #53-57. The joyful return of Batgirl #41 and Gotham Academy #7 make up the reviews of the second half, along with a brief mention of Black Canary #1. Chris gives his Batman ’66 review and I end the episode with my literature recommendation.


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  • WheelchairNinja

    That song… o_0 Thank you, I think? 😉

    And yes, I was referring to Oracle shooting herself in the head. It ultimately turns out to be [Spoiler Warning] Batman having a Scarecrow-gas hallucination, but it’s still horrific and very disappointing that, after hoping to see her since the first game, we finally get to visit the Clocktower only to watch her kill herself.

  • Stella

    Haha, you are soooooo welcome!

    The whole thing is disturbing whether or not it is real. I’m sure you agree.

    PS, did you hear that DC is making The Killing Joke as an animated film?

    • WheelchairNinja

      Oh, I heard about it. It being followed up by an Oracle Year One cartoon was too much to hope for, but I love how they made sure to mention that the graphic novel caused “a paralyzed Barbara Gordon to retire as Batgirl…temporarily” just to make sure they crushed any hopes we might have had for even a “Joker playing card at the end of Batman Begins”-style Oracle reference. The only consolation is that Mark Hamill once mentioned he’d only come out of retirement for a Killing Joke cartoon, so there’s a chance we might get to hear his Joker voice one last time.

      P.S. Found this while looking for Oracle Year One info. Looks like motion comics are the closest we’ll ever get to an animated Year One movie for *both* of Barbara Gordon’s personas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns2xymOIfVE