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Episode 102



BBFB: Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:28 Comic News
0:32:13 Batwing #13
0:46:37 Batgirl #13
1:17:12 Batman #13
1:34:02 Detective Comics #13
1:49:35 Batman and Robin #13
2:02:42 BBFB
2:13:43 Next Time…
2:15:12 Closing
2:17:05 Outtakes



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  • Micah Evans

    Regarding Batman #13
    I’m very glad that you guys are enjoying Snyder’s batman comics. However I do feel a little left out because I’m noticing more and more things about them that are dampening my enjoyment.
    Did you guys think that maybe Gordon’s reaction as a veteran police officer who has a great deal of experience with the Joker might have been a little silly or over the top? The ‘oh god… he told a joke’ line seems to me as if it jumped out of a B-movie script. Instead of being of being convinced by Gordon’s reaction that Joker is somehow meaner and scarier than ever I was left with the impression that the writer was trying very hard to make me feel that way by making Gordon weaker in the knees.
    I also wasn’t too sure about Joker being able to walk around in the dark snapping necks as if he were bane.
    It’s probably just that I’m a little befuddled at the unanimous praise this title is receiving while it has, IMO, some fairly significant flaws.
    Snyder’s comics read with (what should be) the subtext explicitly stated through the narration or dialogue. He’s very worried that someone will miss it, and so he beats you over the head with it. This leaves the characters feeling less like characters and more like mouthpieces for the writer. You’ll notice that the characters in the books use a lot of the same phraseology and explain things in a similar fashion to how Snyder explains them in interviews. For me this eliminates the value of re-reading his work because he’s told me already exactly what he wants me to think of it, and there’s nothing left to make up my mind about.
    It also doesn’t help that I’m a sort of superfan of Morrison’s batman and how he’s advanced the character past the thuggish and paranoid characterization that became prominent in the 90’s.
    Snyder’s batman is supposed to take place after Morrison’s run (or during it, even) yet does a 180 with how he’s presenting Bruce. We see him starting to push his friends and family away again, and become more emotionally unstable without really any story explanation. I can accept that it’s his prerogative to ignore the characterization of the previous writer, but I do so with a heavy heart.
    Still, there are things I really do like about it. The art is just downright amazing from a storytelling, design, and consistency standpoint. It’s one of the most cinematic experiences in comics at the moment. Snyder’s villain creations are cool and iconic.
    I’m hoping that he continues trying to improve his writing skills, and doesn’t take his praise for granted.

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