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Episode 104


BBFB: Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Batgirl


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:40 Comic News
0:11:36 Batman and Robin #14
0:31:30 Batgirl #14
1:02:13 Detective Comics #14
1:11:57 Batman #14
1:31:38 BBFB
1:42:24 Announcement
1:44:33 Next Time…
1:46:02 Closing
1:47:18 Outtakes



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  • Alex

    Great episode guys! I'm really enjoying all the discussions we're getting because of your new format.  I never thought of the pearl connection in Batman and Robin #14.
    As to dropping titles, I don't know if it would be fair for me to say what to drop because I don't read Batwing, Talon, Catwoman, or Birds of Prey and I only read a few issues of Batwoman because of all the praise it was getting, but I don't really care for it. I came back for Batgirl just for the #0 issue and if the quality continues from the last issue, I may be sticking with it.  However, I love Batman Beyond Unlimited! After all the praise it was getting on the Bat-fan's podcast, I decided to pick up all the issues. If you have time to review Batman Beyond, I would really appreciate it, but I understand if you can't.
    I don't know if anyone's interested, but I'd recommend "Superman" for those who dropped it. The only Superman title I read was the first few issues of Action Comics. I was very unimpressed with it and being that it was rated much higher than the "Superman" title, I never gave it a chance. Starting with the #0 issue, I've thoroughly enjoyed Scott Lobdell's  "Superman" and would highly recommend it. I'm so excited to see Scott Snyder's take on Superman. Heck, I'm excited for both Snyders' take on Superman next year!

  • Alex

    Also, thanks for all the work you put in the Bat Books for Beginners episodes. I really appreciate the recommendations! Hopefully we see more of Chuck Dixon's "A" game soon.

  • Alex

    I just read Superman 14, and it wasn't very good, so I may want to hold out on that recommendation. For some reason Clark was written really out of character, but hopefully it changes. I'm still reading it though.

  • Jon Roke

    Thanks Alex Its always good to get feedback and see that your enjoying it. We have plenty more Chuck Dixon goodness coming up and there are some of the big storylines coming up next year.

  • Joe Jinks

    It's interesting that you'd say that Alex, I've heard good things about Lobdell's Superman and have since been trying to track down #13 and it's been sold out wherever I've looked, if #14 wasn't very good then maybe I've been saved.

  • stevejrogers

    After issue #14, I'm thinking ditch Catwoman as well!

    Here is my suggestion, do all the books Bruce is the star of; Batman, Dark Knight, Inc, Detective, Batman & Robin and the two books that the family plays a major role in, Batgirl, and Nightwing.  Still keep tabs on the other titles (and that includes non-continuity books like the Beyond stories, Legends and the video game tie-ins), but only discuss them once an arc is completed with just a bare-boned synopsis and thoughts, but no Bat-A-Rang score,  Basically just an overview of what else is going on in the other books that are Bat-related.

  • Micah Evans

    I don't know, personally I'm absolutely loving lobdell's superman (yes I'm very very shocked to be saying that.) and it only seems to be ramping up in excitement in issue 14. I didn't see anything blatantly out of character.
    As far as batman 14 goes, joker saw that batman was bruce in batman RIP and didn't care, so why is he making a big deal of it now?

  • Alex

    @ Joe Jinks I'm still really intrigued by the new H'el on Earth storyline.  There was a lot of people saying Clark came off real creepy. I don't know about that, but he was acting real weird and petty. It's really hard to recommend someone's first issue of a series, when the character isn't written as usual (At least I hope!). Especially since comics are so expensive.  I still really liked Lobdell's other issues. The real unusual thing about it was that in Superman #13, Clark was acting so honorable, reminding me of Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, which in my opinion, is how Superman should be portrayed.

  • Alex

    @ Micah  I'm glad you're loving it! After I read the 0 issue, I was so excited that I had to re-watch the first Superman animated series episode, just so I could see Jor-El again. Of course, I couldn't help, but continue watch the rest of the series!

  • Jon Roke

    @Micah Personally I dont think the joker does really know who Batman was or is. That's not the part that interests its Batman that holds Jokers interest. Up until RIP it had been Batman he had always fought against and in jokers insane way thats who he relates to. If Batman went away and it was just Bruce running around I don't think he would care at all. As always I point to Joker: Going Sane as the best examination of their relationship. To me Snyder really leaves it open ended as to whether Joker knows it Bruce as Batman. Its up to each person to decide.