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Episode 105: Dick/Babs vs. Dick/Kory Debate 2015

BTO E105 Pic

In this BTO tie-in to a crossover with Pop Culture Affidavit and Fire and Water Podcast, Tom Panarese and I finally debate the long talked about question of who Dick Grayson should end up with: Babs or Kory!  The Irredeemable Shag is our ‘moderator.’  And yes, the podcast was recorded in person!  Stay tuned after the regular show to listen to some more of our discussion on a variety of topics.


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  • This was quite a nice episode! I liked the thoughtfulness of all contributors, even though I think Kori isn’t quite the lady of the evening that Shag claims. 🙂

    I have to honestly say that I pretty much regard any Teen Titans title as happening in a semi-alternate continuity, as the actions, world, tone, and characterization often simply make no sense when trying to make things fit with the “regular” (Gotham-set) Batfamily titles. (Of course, I also view most Justice League titles this way.) Cosmic, supernatural, and soap opera adventures just don’t work that well when trying to fit the grim, power-fantasy, noir-ish Gotham setting.

  • Loo

    Why did I think a prodcast from a site called ‘the batman universe’ will take the time to even learn Kory’s story properly. It’s a good evidence tho. Really shows how batfans belittle her character.

  • Mari

    The way they talked about Kory (w/all the vague references to her being a ~nympho and other things) was really disappointing and showed a real lack of understanding of anything that wasn’t a comic featuring Babs + a lack of understanding of the general timeline.