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Episode 106



BBFB: Gordon of Gotham


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:37 Comic News
0:25:05 Suicide Squad #15
0:38:34 Batgirl #15
0:50:42 Batman and Robin #15
1:15:30 Detective Comics #15
1:33:38 Batman #15
1:58:42 BBFB
2:08:41 Next Time…
2:09:48 Closing
2:12:55 Outtakes



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  • Micah Evans

    The discussion about bruce's hubris was very interesting. I'm wondering since this is a flaw snyder has written him with in both the court of owls and death of the family if it's something we're going to see him overcome.
    Also, do you guys think we're gonna see a riddler crossover for snyder's next story? And what role do you think harper is going to play? Is she going to be the caretaker for a maimed alfred?