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Episode 107

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Another guest has to defend his honor from the Irredeemable Shag? Donovan Morgan Grant joins me to talk 90’s Batman, Azrael and Knightfall, as well as throwing down the gauntlet in his rivalry with Shag. We then briefly review and discuss two limited series from 1992, Gotham Nights and Sword of Azrael before doing full reviews on Batgirl #44 and Gotham Academy #10. Chris Karnes gives his Batman ’66 review, and Babs in the Tube and my literature recommendations finish up the episode.


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  • pavel

    What do you think of the new dc superhero girl line and the batgirl figure? Also what heroes\villains would you like to see? (any gender is fine.

  • Ian Miller

    Great podcast, and it was nice to hear Donovan again – very thoughtful and passionate commentary he provides to your usual enthusiasm and intelligence, Stella!

    I especially appreciated the look back at Knightfall – maybe one of these days, I’ll take a look through it.

    The discussion of Batgirl #44 was fascinating – as someone who hasn’t particularly enjoyed the current Burnside run of Barbara’s adventures (and didn’t like Simone’s take on the character very much either), seeing factors that have bothered me come to a head in this issue was kind of fun. Barbara’s immaturity, the shallowness and fleetingness of the romantic entanglements, and the difficulty the writers seem to have in writing healthy friendships (Barbara and Frankie’s relationship may be touching at times, but it’s not very healthy, with all the deception and hypocrisy) all sort of come to a climax here. I actually don’t mind the Luke/Babs relationship, mostly because I’ve given up hope for any kind of healthy romantic relationship for Barbara – she’s been shipped with Jeremy, Liam, Jason Todd, Dick, Qadir and now Luke, all of them nothing more than a flutter of emotion and infatuation (well, the Dick scene in Grayson #12 was significant, but it’s annoying that it comes on the heels of so much romantic dithering). But it’s of a piece with the relative shallowness and immaturity of Barbara since the Burnside run started. (With an important exception in the two issue arc where Barbara and Jim dealt with him becoming Batman, which was intelligent and touching.)

    I believe I share some of Stella’s aversion to casual physical romantic entanglements in characters I like or admire, since those tend to be characters who do a lot of damage to people to whom the relationship isn’t as casual (Dick Grayson, with Kori, Helena, Barbara, and others, is an example of the damage that kind of lifestyle can cause, I believe). Even though Babs in this title is mostly just flirting and making out, it’s still not a terribly meaningful way to form connections to other people.

    Alysia is a sore point for me. As someone who is, shall we say, on the opposite end of the political spectrum as the character, I find her “activism” irritating if not outright offensive, especially since she shows so little discernment or maturity in her pursuit of her goals. While I actually really liked Jo’s defiance of the Velvet Tiger, the immaturity of both of these characters makes it incredibly hard for me to root for anything connected to it, and I find much more interest in Batgirl #45’s promised return of Dick Grayson than the actual wedding (or even the Luke/Babs date).

    The Shakespeare Jeopardy round at the end of the podcast was fantastic – and good on you, Donovan, for being a fan of the Bard!